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Welcome to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) Security Clearance Applications Processing.


First Time Applicants:

  • To begin please login or register using the link "Sign In" at the top right of the form. 
  • Click on the register option, complete the required fields and click register. 
  • Next complete your profile, your Legal name MUST match your identification. 
  • Once complete you will be taken to a list of My Security Clearance Application. 
  • Click the new button to begin a new application.
  • Notes: We are currently experiencing a technical issue. Please use the links below if the "page not found " error occurs

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If you are a member or any of the (6) groups listed below and would like access to any of OCSD’s secured facilities, please carefully read, answer all questions, initial, date and sign all the required fields in the electronic Security Clearance Application.

The information on the application you submit will be verified and a criminal background check will be conducted. Please note that ANY omissions, falsifications or misstatements on this application will result in your application being denied. .


  1. A clear copy of your valid DMV issued Driver’s License OR a clear copy of your valid DMV issued Identification card

  2. AND a clear copy of your valid Social Security card OR a copy of your valid U.S. Passport

    MUST be uploaded into the application in order to have accepted and reviewed for consideration by OCSD

  1. Contractors,

  2. Volunteers,

  3. Notaries,

  4. Paralegals,

  5. Architects/Engineers,

  6. Others

    Legal Orientation Program